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Sunday, November 17, 2013
My Daddy

This happened last week.

Sitting in the blazing sunshine of Los Angeles, I decided to call my dad, so I dangled my feet in the pool and pressed out his number. "Hello dad, it's hot here" I opened with. Dad sounded drunk & sleepy like a teenage college student waking up after spring break and bear in mind this is a man who has been sober 31 years.

My heart constricted, he lives alone and immediately I thought "he is having a stroke" dad couldn't speak clear. With a hammer slamming into my chest I asked him to hang up best he could and with the knowledge he might die and I might never hear his voice again, I hung up and called my husband who was in Glasgow. What followed was seven hours of telephone silence from them both. I considered flying home but that day in LA a man ran amok with a gun in the airport and all planes were grounded.

Me and my daughter Ashley stared at each other in a gripping fearful silence. Finally husband called "your dad had a wee stroke and is in hospital but he is fine Janey, I promise you"

Every day husband sent video and photographic evidence of his recovery.


We flew home to Glasgow and getting to hug him as he stood up was easily the best memory I will keep in my heart.

I know my dad is 81 and he won't be here forever, but the memory of that phone call will haunt me to my death. Am glad I acted quickly and am overwhelmed at the good treatment he is receiving and want to thank everyone who sent good wishes. 

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