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Sunday, August 08, 2010
"Mirror" Fringe Review (5 Star)

Hello People, Janey here, I got my first review in for my show The Godley Hour at the Edinburgh Fringe.


Janey Godley - The Godley Hour


By John Nicholson on August 7, 2010 9:30 AM in Edinburgh Festival Fringe

You'll find people from all over the world at the Fringe from all different backgrounds, races and creeds. But one of the most noticably absent ethnic minorities is the over-40 white working class woman, as Janey herself observes.

Her distinctive Glaswegian voice is always a welcome breath of fresh proletarian air in the middle-class fog and her informal, chatty style gives her performance an intimacy lacking in so many comedians who desperately want to be somebody or something.

However, distinctive voice or not, you still need to be funny. And Janey is. Very funny. Perhaps especially so for the older members of the audience. A few of the students present may not have had the life experience to fully appreciate her wicked and hilarious insights into every day existence.

Her performance might have the appearance of being off-the-cuff but the material is wonderfully observed.

After another brilliant show this year I'm left wondering why the mainstream non-Scottish media have not more fully embraced her. I'm guessing its something to do with age, gender and accent. It certainly isn't down to her lack of talent.

In an era when so many piss poor comedians are commissioned to put piss poor shows on TV, it seems an act of wilful ignorance that she has not been invited to bring her wit and wisdom to a wider UK television audience.

In an era of bland and faux-shocking comedians, Janey is a true revolutionary delivering raw, unpretentious comedy at its best

Star Rating * * * * *
Janey Godley - Godley Hour 5th August - 30th August Queen Dome, 19.00


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